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Who we are

It is thanks to an irrepressible willpower that we have createdTarta®, the unique postural backrest in the world, which flexes and twists to accommodate all movements.
We designed itTarta postural backrest® thinking about who uses it. Why, sitting in the wheelchair,with maximum freedom and total comfort, he can do whatever he wants. Because the will makes you free. And freedom is a right.

Since 2010, the year of our birth, we have been developing new products for the REHA world.

Flexibility, freedom of movement, design and beauty are the strengths of our products and the philosophy that guides our research.

In 10 years, many awards and prizes have been won in national and international competitions. In chronological order: in 2011 the WELL TECH AWARD, in 2013 the REDDOT DESIGN AWARD, in 2015 the OPEN DESIGN ITALIA and the EU DESIGN ITALIA and in 2017 the Oscar of international design awards, IL COMPASSO D'ORO INTERNATIONAL AWARD.

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